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Eric's Autos: 2021 VW Tiguan

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The Tiggy's maximum tow rating is just 1,500 lbs. The Kia's 1,563 pound maximum rating is only marginally higher.

On the Road

The Tiggy isn't much more powerful than the Sorento -- but it feels more powerful because of its turbocharged engine, which makes its maximum power (its torque) sooner, at lower engine rpm, and so with less apparent effort. Leaving a parking lot to comfortably blend in with traffic going 45 mph doesn't require flooring the VW's gas pedal.

It does in the Kia -- unless you order it with the optional turbocharged engine.

But that will cost you about $10,000 more than it costs to get the VW's standard turbocharged engine.

At the Curb

The Tiggy is the smallest of the small, three-row bunch.

It's just 185.1 inches long -- which is only about 8 inches longer than a small sedan such as the Honda Civic, which does not seat seven. It is as easy to park as a small car like the Civic, but with the ability to carry another two people or carry five and 65.7 cubic feet of stuff in its cargo area.

But the Tiggy only seats seven if you buy the SE and up -- and all-wheel drive, which all costs extra.

The Sorento, which is a little bigger -- 189 inches end to end -- doesn't charge extra for the extra seats, which come standard in all trims.

But it does cost more, regardless.


It also does not offer the VW's almost-Audi "digital cockpit" instrument panel with driver-configurable views and the almost-Audi vibe that comes standard in the Tiggy, which is made by the same company that makes Audis.

The Rest

VW has upped its standard comprehensive warranty coverage to five years/60,000 miles -- up from three years/36,000 miles previously.

Also, if you don't need the third row, the two-row version has 73.5 cubic feet of total cargo space. The second row also travels 7 inches fore and aft, and if pushed back all the way, the back-seaters enjoy more legroom than the driver and front seat passenger.

The Bottom Line

This little VW has the seats -- without the size. Or the cost.

And that might be just enough.


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