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Eric's Autos: 2018 Buick Cascada

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On the Road

The Cascada is a gentle cruiser with a very smooth and quiet ride -- ideal for languid sightseeing trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway, for instance. With the top dropped on a warm summer day and no hurry about getting somewhere, it's the perfect car.

Unlike a Miata or a BMW Z4, it has back seats. And unlike a Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang, those back seats are usable.

The trunk is huge for a convertible: 13.4 cubic feet (Miata's is 4.6 cubic feet).

Such similarly practical attributes didn't do much for the Camry Solara or the Chrysler 200 or the Volvo C70.

There are also some practical problems. While it's neat that you do not have to stop the car to raise or lower the top, when the top is up it's hard to see what's going on behind you because the rear glass is tiny and slanted sharply, and the rear headrests eat up what little rear view you've got.


At the Curb

The Cascada isn't exactly (cue Luca Brasi's voice) a masculine car, but it's not geriatric -- and that's definitely in the plus column. So are the adult-viable backseats and the doors -- that open almost perpendicularly -- which really open up access to the interior.

It is a fairly large car -- 184.9 inches long overall versus 175.4 for the A3 cabrio -- but other than the keyhole visibility to the rear when the top's up, it's an easy car to maneuver.

And it is absolutely loaded as it sits.


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