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Eric's Autos: Reviewing the 2017 Mazda Miata RF

Eric Peters on

And for two, the Miata is just right. It's cozy and roomy, which sounds like a contradiction but isn't. There is more legroom (43.1 inches) in the Miata than in most midsized vehicles and several full-sized sedans. At the same time, everything is close at hand. The cockpit envelopes you like a bodysuit ... like a motorcycle-riding suit. This feeling is enhanced by the sport bike-like instrument cluster, which is happily analog and not digital.

The Rest

No car review is complete without at least one complaint. OK, here it is: Whether RF or the roadster, the Miata has an oddly located 12-volt power point. It is almost hidden, deep down on the passenger foot well, where it is awkward to get at unless you get out, go to the passenger side, reach down and plug in whatever you need to plug in.

But other than this? Don't look at me.

The Bottom Line


When all you can find to complain about is the location of the power point, you have a handle on the automotive filet mignon that's just been served up. Whatever they're charging for this thing, you're getting a deal.


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