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Eric's Autos: Reviewing the 2017 Mazda6

Eric Peters on

The 6 may not have a six-cylinder, but it has looks in its corner. And it is as practical a car as the cars it competes with.

Front- and rear-seat legroom (42.2 inches and 38.7 inches, respectively) are as generous as in the Camry (41.6 inches front, 38.9 inches rear) and the Accord (42.5 inches front, 38.5 inches rear), and much more balanced than the Altima, which is front-passenger friendly but not so much for back-seat passengers (45 inches front, 36.1 inches back).

Unfortunately, the roomy, versatile wagon version of the 6 is only available in Japan and Europe.

The Rest

All current Mazdas have an attractive, iPad-style LCD display to the right of the main instrument cluster. It looks great, but the center console-mounted knob controller is a little awkward to use. It takes two steps to do one thing, such as change radio stations.

The center console storage cubby is also very small; there's not much room for more than a smartphone.

The Bottom Line

Despite the Mazda6 not offering a six-cylinder, it is still the standout in this class of car -- if you care about driving -- and has an eye for beauty.


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