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'Believe it:' Ford eyes EV market leadership with launch of F-150 Lightning

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"I think the F-150 going electric is a big old flag in the sand of EVs meet you where you are. You don't have to come to them," said Dave Mullaney, principal of carbon-free mobility at RMI, a nonprofit focused on decarbonization and other energy issues.

The electrification of F-150 is "huge," in Mullaney's estimation, because of the impact it could have on truck fleets — but also on the average consumer, who up until recently didn't have any electric truck options.

"It's a key inflection point for the electric vehicle itself," he said.

Pricing for F-150 Lightning starts at about $40,000. The truck can go up to 320 miles on a single charge, per EPA estimates, and has targeted maximum payload of 2,000 pounds.

"Our customers are going to get capabilities no other EV truck can ever offer," said Farley. "But for thousands of dollars less than our competitors' trucks — whenever they actually go on sale."


Overall, Ford now is targeting annual EV production of 600,000 units by next year, and 2 million by 2026.

Crosstown rival General Motors Co. plans to introduce 30 new EVs globally by 2025, and targets production of 400,000 EVs in North America this year and next. It expects to have 1 million units of EV capacity in North America by the end of 2025. An all-electric Chevy Silverado pickup — which GM reported Tuesday has garnered 140,000 reservations — is slated to launch next year.

Meanwhile, Lightning order holder Emre Gol plans to use his electric truck for work. He owns a remodeling business and said it's not uncommon to drive 250 miles a day traveling across the Houston area. He currently drives a Tesla Model 3 and enjoys the savings on fuel and maintenance.

"EVs are the way to go," he said. "We use these things for work."

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