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GMC expects record Sierra pickup sales as it struggles to keep up with demand

Jamie L. LaReau, Detroit Free Press on

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GM builds its light-duty Sierra and Silverado pickups at Fort Wayne Assembly in Indiana and Silao Assembly Plant in Mexico. It builds the heavy-duty versions at Flint Assembly.

By year-end GM will fire-up Oshawa Assembly, but Aldred declined to provide how much more volume GMC will get from Oshawa.

"I won't put a number on it, but an extra plant capacity for heavy-duty and light-duty trucks is a huge benefit for both GMC and Chevy," Aldred said. "We're basically operating on no physical inventory of the heavy duty and light-duty Sierra right now and operating on a deliver-to-order model. But even with the additional capacity, we won't be able to build stock-on-the-ground for dealers."

That's because demand for pickups will outpace production.

Slaughter said customers have been patient, but he has likely lost some business to a rival dealer who had a vehicle in stock that he did not. Then again, he's probably won business from others for that same reason, he said.

"I don't know when we'll see more volume," said Slaughter, who also owns Sellers Subaru in Macomb Township. "At Subaru and GMC, we're literally hand-to-mouth every month selling everything we can."

Hummer ready


Early Tuesday morning, a crew was busy installing more charging stations at Sellers Buick GMC store, which already has two chargers. The dealership will have five chargers in total along with a special lift for its service bay next month.

It's all in preparation to sell the 2022 Hummer EV and 2023 Hummer EV SUV when they arrive in two years.

"We have about half-a-dozen of the first edition Hummers coming in, but no firm dates," Slaughter said. "We're told sometime in the next two to three months. GM did a preorder, so they are already sold. We have orders in for the non-first edition, the regular Hummer, and a bunch of orders for the SUV coming in 2023."

Aldred said more than half of GMC's U.S. dealerships have signed up to sell Hummer EVs. Like Slaughter, they are in the process of upgrading their facilities to do so. GMC has assigned upgrades in phases based on the production ramp-up of the Hummer being built at Factory ZERO in Detroit and Hamtramck.

"Some dealers won't get their Hummer until sometime next year, for example, so no need for the dealer to spend the money to be ready for it now," Aldred said. "Everyone's absolutely on track and every dealer will be ready before they receive their Hummer."

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