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Hummer EVs to influence GMC's future buying process

Jamie L. LaReau, Detroit Free Press on

Published in Automotive News

At that time, the initial preorders were filled within minutes and there is a long waiting list to get one, Brook said. He declined to say how many preorders GMC has for the pickup, but sources have told the Free Press it is 10,000.

The pickup goes into production at Factory Zero in Detroit and Hamtramck this fall and its Edition 1 starts at $112,595. Subsequent editions will come out starting in 2022,and the cheapest edition starts at just under $80,000.

Here is how the reservation process works:

Go onto Choose a body style and trim level. Choose your preferred GMC dealership. There is a $100 fully refundable reservation fee. Wait for a notice that your vehicle's production slot is upcoming. Finalize the purchase then with the dealer of choice.

"It could be a year or year-and-a-half, but about six months before your vehicle is due to be produced, the dealer will contact you and a formal buyer's order will be entered into," Brook said. "That makes it official."

While there's a waiting list for the Edition 1 pickup, people can reserve an Edition 2, 2X or a 3X. At that time, a customer can enroll for an Edition 1, if it becomes available, Brook said.


"We’re very happy with the process we’ve run to date with the pickup and we’re going to follow the same route with the SUV," Brook said.

Dealerships invest in EVs

So far about 1,200 GMC dealerships out of 1,800 total in the United States have signed up to sell the Hummer EVs, Brook said.

That means those 1,200 dealers will invest in additional charging infrastructure and tools, and in training for employees to sell and service EVs, he said.


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