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Auto review: Sporty Mercedes crosses over many boundaries

Scott Sturgis, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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2020 AMG Mercedes GLC 63C: Sporty crossover hot-rod SUV?

Price: $89,130 as tested. Gray paint, $700; 21-inch wheels, $1,000; Parking Assistance Package, $1,290; more below.

Conventional wisdom: Car and Driver calls it "as absurd as it is formidable."

Marketer's pitch: "SUV body, sports car soul."

Reality: A real puzzle. Try to solve it.

What's old is new: After a week driving low-budget cars like the Corolla and Versa, I thought the GLC would be perfect.


But wait! This is no tiny, tinny Mazda of the 1970s. This hot-rod sport crossover will clear that memory pretty quickly. Literally.

Up to speed: With a 469-horsepower 4.0-liter biturbo V-8, the vehicle gets to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, Mercedes reports. My lovely wife gripped the grab bar and yelled when I floored it.

On the curves: Yeehaw! The GLC is supremely composed and quick on the slalom. My wife said it's so smooth that it would be great for old people. I said we would know for sure soon enough, provided we survived the test drive.

A whole new world: The sporty SUV also has a built-in antitheft device -- by the time the average thief figures out what to do, the police will have him (c'mon, you know it's going to be a him) surrounded. Unless he's smarter than the average auto reviewer.


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