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Mark Phelan: These are the best, most interesting, important vehicles coming in 2020

Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press on

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This should be a great year for new-car buyers, fans of new technology and exciting designs.

New vehicles ranging from America's perennial bestseller, the Ford F-150, to luxury SUVs, electric sports cars and affordable entry-level models will all go on sale over the next 12 months.

The year's bonanza got an unexpected boost from GM's strike last fall, which pushed sales of the remarkable 2020 Chevrolet Corvette and the CT5, Cadillac's latest swing at the sport sedan market.

Here's a quick survey of some of the best, most interesting and important vehicles going on sale this year:

--Cadillac Escalade, CT5 and CT4

This is a huge year for Cadillac. The Escalade SUV, the brand's flagship and by far most profitable vehicle, must show luxury buyers the brand can raise the bar for luxury, design and technology.


There's some reason for optimism. The new Escalade will offer an independent suspension for a smoother ride and better handling. Adaptive shocks and an air suspension will be available.

The interior must raise the bar for Cadillac, which was embarrassed by the style and luxury of Lincoln's Aviator and Navigator SUVs. A big OLED display for instruments, navigation, audio and other functions is a start. The 38-inch screen stretches essentially from the driver's door to the middle of the dashboard.

Cadillac's remarkable Super Cruise system, which allows hands-free driving on limited access roads like interstate highways, will reportedly get an update that allows it to change lanes and pass slower vehicles without the driver doing anything.

While Cadillac can be counted on to pull out all the stops for a new Escalade, there's more skepticism about the CT5 and CT4 sport sedans, which replace the CTS and ATS, respectively.


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