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Is there a new plastic Medicare card?


The SMP website discusses common Medicare Fraud Schemes such as telemedicine, genetic testing, hospice, Medicare card scams, and the list goes on.

Here are a few tips to help protect you against Medicare fraud:

-- Have a safety script by the phone and do not give out personal information to anyone who calls. Stick to the script no matter what! (Have someone help you write your script.)

-- Never give your Medicare or Social Security number to strangers who call you on the phone or come to your door. Just like you tell your grandkids not to talk to strangers, you need not talk to these strangers either. Play the “Stranger Danger” game.

-- Do NOT accept “free” offers in exchange for your Medicare number. Remember, there is nothing “free.” The fraudsters will have Medicare pay for whatever they are offering, and the fraudster will use your Medicare number to get it paid for!


The Toni Says team members are instructed never to write down a client’s Medicare number in our files, and we instruct clients never to email us any sensitive information such as Social Security numbers or a picture of their new Medicare card.

Medicare/Medicaid fraud is exploding and the only way to stop this fraud is to let your friends know what I have just told you. We need to stand together and stop those who only want to make a fast dollar from Medicare and Medicaid and, most especially, from YOU!

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Toni King is an author and columnist on Medicare and health insurance issues. She has spent nearly 30 years as a top sales leader in the field. If you have a Medicare question, email or call 832-519-8664. The “Medicare Survival Guide Advanced” edition and her new “Confused about Medicare” video series are available at

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