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Is there a new plastic Medicare card?



I am concerned about a phone call I received yesterday from a representative with Medicare asking all types of personal questions and informing me that there was a new plastic Medicare card with a chip like a credit card. I told the caller what you said during your online Medicare webinar about not giving personal information over the phone.

I’m concerned that I could have made a mistake and that I have missed the new Medicare card. What should I do or who I should call to see if Medicare is trying to contact me? Sometimes it is hard to know the right thing to do when it involves Medicare.

--Deidre from Oklahoma City

Hello Deidre:

Don’t stress yourself out because there is NOT a new plastic Medicare card with a chip being issued! This is a Medicare scam that is targeting America’s Medicare population. Your Medicare card is still the same card you currently have.


Medicare and Social Security will NEVER call your home or office and ask for your personal or banking information. Medicare already has all the information needed to verify they are speaking with you when their agents call. If the government needs information from you, a letter would be sent from the specific government agency (such as Medicare), telling you what information is needed and how to contact them with any questions.

The most recent Medicare card update was in April 2019 to include a random identification number of numbers and letters. It no longer displays a Social Security number.

Taxpayers are losing over $100 billion a year to Medicare and Medicaid fraud according to estimates from the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association. Fraud hurts Americans because when thieves steal from Medicare and Medicaid, there is less money available for health care claims.

There is an organization called Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) that helps those on Medicare learn how to detect fraud and abuse. To report Medicare fraud or abuse call the SMP toll-free number, (877) 808-2468, or visit the SMP website at to locate the closest SMP office in your state.


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