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Losing employer dental benefits when enrolling in Medicare … what do I do?


Dear Toni,

I will be eligible for Medicare in July and am now receiving cancer treatment. I am currently on my ex-employer’s COBRA and searching for dental care when I go on Medicare in July. The only dental/vision plans I am finding are in Medicare Advantage plans, but my cancer facility has advised me to not go in that direction because many Medicare Advantage plans are no longer accepted at their facility.

Is there a dental plan that Medicare offers? Please advise.

--Tammy from Alvin, Texas

Hello Tammy:

“What’s NOT Covered by Part A & Part B?” is explained on page 55 of the 2024 Medicare & You handbook. It states:


Medicare does not cover everything and if you need certain services that Medicare Part A and Part B doesn’t cover, you will have to pay for them yourself unless:

-- You have other coverage (including Medicaid) to cover the costs.

-- You are in a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Cost Plan that covers these services. Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Cost Plans may cover some extra benefits, like fitness programs and vision, hearing, and dental services.

Some of the items and services that Original Medicare does not cover include:


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