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How to Feel Less Powerless

Annie Lane on

Dear Readers: A great number of you wrote in and responded to "Feeling Powerless" with some wonderful suggestions to help. Below are a few. Thank you very much for your positive input.

Dear Feeling Powerless: I think there are many, many people feeling the same way, including myself. Here are some things I do to put positive feelings out into the world:

-- I donate blood. It is something physical that helps others.

-- I donate to charities when I can. I make sure the money is really being spent well by checking on their ratings.

-- I volunteer when I can by helping an elderly neighbor go grocery shopping or run errands.

-- I adhere to "no news Friday" by turning off the radio or TV and read a book or listen to music or do a puzzle.


-- I engage with my family and friends, cooking a good meal, going to the beach, doing crafts, etc.

I hope these suggestions help or get you thinking about other ways of engaging in positive mental health. -- Breathe Deeply

Dear Breathe Deeply: These are wonderful suggestions. Thank you for sharing.

Dear Annie: That was a great post. Thanks for publishing it. It is an exact copy of what I have been feeling for the last couple of years, and my answer has been: When you are going through hell...just KEEP going! -- Keep Going


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