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Annie Lane on

Dear Annie: For 25 years, a very close couple would get together with us for a nice meal. We did lots of things including trips and outings. Eighteen months ago, my friend suddenly died. Her husband is now dating a very lovely woman (I hear), and we are glad he is happy.

We expect them to travel to our area this summer, and possibly, we will go out for dinner. This feels very weird. Any suggestions on how to embrace this new person? -- Adjusting to the Change

Dear Adjusting: I am very sorry for your loss. Adjusting to the change, and the feelings of missing your friend, creates a special challenge. If she were alive today, she would want her husband to be happy and not alone. Try and see your friend's new companion with an open heart and think about his happiness.

Dear Annie: Here are the rules I recommend for getting rid of mice:

-- NEVER poison an animal. Their stomachs will swell and burst, or they will hemorrhage all over their body. Think about that being done to you.

-- NEVER trap their feet in a sticky box to starve and thirst them to death.


-- NEVER drown an animal.

All this would not be necessary with a small amount of prevention. In my house, I keep dog food in one cooler and birdseed, grass and flower seeds in another cooler. I keep my kitchen clean. No mice.

If they are coming into your garage in the fall, keep the garage door closed unless you are woodworking or in the garage. My door was old, and the seal at the bottom left gaps. I put on a new seal strip, and no more mice.

Two more things:


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