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Ask Amy: College student should go to summer camp

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– Snapped At

Dear Snapped At: Mothers and daughters sometimes share a tricky dynamic. You’re not likely to influence a lifetime of feelings between your girlfriend and the women in her life, but adults are supposed to be able to control their behavior.

So call her on this. When she snaps at you, call her on it.

And the next time you two are having one of those conversations where you’re discussing each other’s foibles and failings, you should tell her how it strikes you when you witness her being impatient and rude toward her mother and grandmother.

Yes, I’d say that this behavior is a red flag, but it is also behavior your girlfriend can change – and she should absolutely be willing to work on it.

Dear Amy: “Tired Boyfriend” reported that his girlfriend, “Chrissy,” had quit her job before Christmas and now only wants to be a “stay-at-home girlfriend.”

You missed the most obvious point: Chrissy is clinically depressed.

Your response, “We all want to be a stay-at-home girlfriend. But life doesn’t work that way,” was heartless.


– Upset Reader

Dear Upset: I’m not a clinician and would never attempt to diagnose anyone based on a shred of subjective information.

You probably shouldn’t do that, either.


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