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Ask Amy: Conference attendee has a professional beef

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Flaunting this knowledge is professionally risky – and rude.

In bringing you to this convention, the people who run your company have given you and your co-worker an opportunity to positively and responsibly represent the organization. Loudly scolding another person at lunch is anti-social.

Your co-worker’s rudeness made you uncomfortable. This behavior also highlighted a dietary choice that some people might consider personal, possibly also making them uncomfortable.

I hope your bosses responded to this by letting you know that they have no beef with you regarding your own choices.

Your colleague’s effort to suck up by shaming you is extremely unappetizing.

Dear Amy: My closest friend from college is getting married in the fall. He has asked me to be his best man.


The problem is that I don’t want to. The main issue is that this wedding is already shaping up to be very time consuming and expensive. I am graduating from law school, working and studying for the bar exam, and I cannot imagine being able to commit fully to this.

In addition to the wedding itself, he wants me to organize a three-day “stag” party, either in Las Vegas or Wyoming (for fly fishing).

The wedding itself will be a three-day-long event, involving travel, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and a brunch afterward.

Just thinking about it exhausts me.


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