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Ask Amy: Disabled woman disturbs party guests

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You and Siena are together and so Siena is (basically) coming into your daughter’s family. The same dynamic that has you wanting to keep the peace with your in-laws also extends to your daughter, who should extend kindness toward your partner.

After you ask about this, you should listen to your daughter, and – assuming that she won’t supply a satisfying response, you and Siena should stay home together on this day and then, yes – let it go.

Dear Amy: My girlfriend and I are in our late-20’s. Recently my grandfather died, and I inherited $500,000!

This came as a complete surprise and of course in addition to missing my grandfather and feeling grateful for his generosity, we are thrilled at this unexpected gift.

My girlfriend is eager to retire early. She sees this as life-changing and we are talking about the best way to spend it.

We agreed to bring this dilemma to you.


– Blessed

Dear Blessed: I appreciate your trust in me; you should trust a qualified financial adviser even more.

My reaction is: This is not your girlfriend’s money to dream about. It is yours.

One way this windfall might be “life-changing” would be for you to take a good look at your girlfriend’s reaction to it.


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