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Ask Amy: Maid of honor rethinks the 'honor'

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am the “maid of honor” for my best friend’s wedding, which is happening this summer.

It’s a big job and I have done my very best to step up in all of the expected ways. Like other people who have faced this demanding role, it can strain a friendship – but my friendship with “Chloe” (the bride) has survived just fine.

So far, anyway.

Last week, Chloe texted me to say that she has just sent out the invitations and that “William,” my very steady boyfriend of several years, has not been invited.

She texted me that she feels terrible about this, but this was because of “serious space constraints.” She has planned for 125 guests at the reception.

Chloe has met William several times (we live out of state), and she knows that we live together.


I’m completely shocked by this exclusion, and I don’t know how to respond.

Any ideas?

– Mad MOH

Dear Mad: One of the most basic guidelines concerning wedding invitations is that engaged couples, long-time partners, and couples living together should be invited as a couple.


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