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Ask Amy: Solo hiker is creeped out by a stranger

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If you have a wedding website, you can post a notice: “We’re still waiting to hear from some guests. Have you sent your RSVP? If not, click here…”

Otherwise, start emailing/texting people. Don’t blame or shame them, but give them a nudge.

One month out, you should call all those left on the list.

(I have both made and received a nudging phone call. Because … stuff happens.)

Dear Amy: Don’t you ever read the comments that run underneath your column on the newspaper’s website?

If you did, you’d gain a lot of wisdom, as well as the opportunity to correct your mistakes.

– Online Reader


Dear Reader: My column appears in around 150 newspapers and online sites. I agree that commenters have a lot of wisdom to share, but I think it’s best for them – and me – if I let them exchange ideas without my interference.

Readers who have a bone to pick can – and do – email their thoughts to me.


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