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Ask Amy: Wife seeks distance from husband’s crimes

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I was so sad and embarrassed to learn that my ex-husband was involved in corporate crimes during the time we were married.

One of two cases and the related court dockets and evidence reveal participation in a complex scheme that resulted in the plaintiff company being awarded a huge settlement.

I quietly left the marriage and took a work assignment halfway across the country to escape my former husband’s erratic behavior, irresponsibility, and terrible work ethic.

I had no idea he was committing crimes, in my home and under my nose – a common scenario, as I now understand it, when it comes to wives of white-collar criminals.

A second corporate fraud case is now on the docket. I am aware that these crimes materially impacted many people far and wide.

I am now wondering if I should remain silent about my departure from the marriage, or take a few proactive measures to share with those that were once in our common circle of friends and colleagues that I was neither aware nor would I have ever condoned such illicit and predatory acts.


From what I am reading, a divorce from a white-collar criminal is often perceived as a means for the wife to protect her interests, all the while standing by her man.

For better or for worse, I am not that person, and I am increasingly uncomfortable that this could be the perception.

What should I do?

– Amy in SC


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