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Ask Amy: Elder traveler wants to go solo

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I love to travel. It’s almost an obsession, and age (I’m over 80) has not dulled my desire to GO. I had a good job and saved so that I could travel a lot in retirement.

My husband, however, has lost a lot of his wanderlust, and will only go if I beg and plead.

To keep us both happy, I take one or two trips a year by myself. I have learned to enjoy being alone for a couple of weeks without having to worry about anyone else and what THEY might want to do.

I’m happy to get home at the end of each trip, because I do miss my husband after time away.

My problem is with girlfriends who keep asking to come with me.

At my age, a large portion of my girlfriends are either divorced or widowed.


I like all of them or they wouldn’t be my friends – but there are very few that I’d want to travel and be with for a couple of weeks.

Some are inclined to be negative, some talk all the time (I read in the evening), and many complain a lot about their health issues.

What do I say to stop this constant haranguing?

We are currently away, and I invited one very easy-going lady, with whom I’ve been friends since the age of three, to join us for part of the trip.


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