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Ask Amy: Stylist doesn’t want to cut customer

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I work in a busy hair salon. I have many loyal customers and while they’re in the chair, we talk a lot and share personal information. I’ve gotten to know some of these clients very well, as they show me photos of their kids and spouses (and sometimes their pets).

Recently I was on an online site where people anonymously post items (with photos) detailing how they are “dating” someone who is cheating on their spouse or partner.

While scrolling through for my own weird entertainment, I saw a photo of my client “Julie’s” husband.

I’ve never met him but I know it is him because it is the exact same photo that Julie has shown me – of her husband standing at a horse farm. The posting was quite detailed and I believe it is legit.

Now that I’ve seen this, I can’t unsee it. I don’t know what to do.

I’m dreading seeing Julie for her next appointment.


Should I tell her I’ve seen this? Should I leave it alone because it’s really none of my business? Should I pack up my implements and move to another state?

– Only the Messenger

Dear Messenger: First, you should ask yourself if you would want to know if your partner was cheating on you.

I assume you would.


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