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Ask Amy: Empty-nester wants to clear out the nest

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

This made me realize a few things: He is immature, he wants to be a priority, and there is no point in seeing each other.

Then, months later, I got an email from him, asking how I’m doing.

I don’t even want to reply.

Am I right in stopping this friendship?

– Wondering

Dear Wondering: An email asking, “How are you doing?” without any preamble, statement or narrative of any kind doesn’t inspire a response.


My instinct is that this dude gets bored and restless and basically trolls through his contacts to see what interest he can tease forth.

You have pointedly never been to his home (all of your time spent together has been on vacation trips), and so I think it’s likely that he cohabits with his wife and is playing the field with people who live remotely.

Dear Amy: I’m responding to “Dad in a Jam” who labeled his 4-year-old a "klutz" because he wasn't athletic.

I was last in my class to learn how to read and last to understand multiplication.


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