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Ask Amy: Quilt maker isn’t stitching a third gift

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: A few years ago, I offered to make a T-shirt quilt as a graduation gift for a co-worker’s oldest son.

She purchased the materials, and I provided the skill and labor.

She and her son were thrilled with the quilt, and she mentioned that I would have two more to go down the road for her other two sons as they graduated.

I was taken aback with this expectation, but didn’t say anything.

I retired soon after and had minimal contact with her.

A year later, however, when her middle child was graduating, she contacted me to ask if I would make the same type of T-shirt quilt for this son, which I did.


I haven’t had any contact with her since that son’s graduation.

Now two years later, her last child will be graduating this upcoming spring and I am anticipating that she will contact me and expect me to make him a quilt.

Even if I was an invited guest to his graduation (unlikely), I would gladly give him a reasonable monetary gift instead of providing hours of labor on a quilt, which equates into a generous gift for someone I don’t have a relationship with.

I want your advice on how to kindly tell her that I don’t intend to offer my handiwork, if asked.


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