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Ask Amy: Mother wants another baby despite family’s wishes

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I am not sure if I should accept this.

– Teen Girl

Dear Teen: First of all, what is so funny about calling a girl a “slut”? Nothing. It’s just … not funny. It’s a put-down.

Your boyfriend was flexing in front of his friends, and later when you said honestly how you felt about it, he didn’t explain, acknowledge your feelings, or apologize.

In short, no – you should not accept this.

Dear Amy: “Impatient Ida” had reconnected with a former boyfriend, who had recently asked for “some space” due to a stressful event in his life.

You called out Ida for trying to control how this guy communicated with her, but you missed something: the high probability that he is making “space” because he is seeing someone else!


– Been There

Dear Been There: This is a definite possibility, if not a probability, but I don’t think it would have been helpful to suggest it.


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