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Ask Amy: Spouse can’t bear to be with in-laws

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I can't stand my wife's family.

Things were great in the early years but became progressively worse over time.

Out of the blue my father-in-law insisted on being called “Sir” – after a decade of me calling him by his first name.

He worked hard and came from nothing, but acts like no one else but him can have a successful life or career.

He is ALWAYS passive-aggressive toward me.

My sister-in-law intentionally invaded my personal space and basically sexually harassed me in order to make me uncomfortable, in addition to directing insults at me in front of her parents.


My wife ignores or doesn't acknowledge this, but after her sister admitted it and apologized to her (not me) for doing this, my wife acted like it's no big deal.

The mother-in-law (RIP) would ignore me in my own house while visiting my kids.

I told my wife that I don't want to be around her family; they make me uncomfortable and treat me like a loser. (I am a hard-working RN with a master’s degree).

Am I wrong for not wanting to be around them?


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