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Ask Amy: Holiday in Europe might involve a rental

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Our son's mother and father-in-law, who live in Europe, have repeatedly invited us to stay at their house, including over the upcoming holidays.

We are considering going, and told them so.

Then I got a text from my daughter-in-law with an Airbnb listing where she said we could stay to be "away from the mayhem."

Amy, mayhem is part of the holiday experience! (And by the way, this Airbnb property is already booked over the holidays).

We think this might be a dis-invite, but don't know how to formulate a response.

We are on good terms with everyone and want to keep it that way.


As the parents of two sons, I feel like we need to "hear" from our daughter-in-law.

What do you think?

– Holiday Housed

Dear Housed: “Mayhem is part of the holiday experience,” while true, is not necessarily a selling point – certainly for anyone contemplating hosting for a presumably long-ish overseas stay.


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