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Ask Amy: Women may throw a parade for widower

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am an almost 70-year-old widower (politically liberal and atheist) who wants to meet new people. Especially female people.

Unfortunately, I have almost no experience.

I had a total of two dates in high school, both of which went nowhere.

I became very good friends with my best friend's wife (friend-in-law?), and when they divorced, she and I got married.

So when it comes to wooing and flirting, I’ve got nothing.

It's been four years since my wife died, and I have had zero possible romantic encounters. My only teacher has been rom-com movies, which I am told do not portray real life. Sadly, I was planning my run through the airport already, but now I'm lost.


Where should I go to meet a possible romantic interest?

– No Game in Denver

Dear Denver: Assuming that you are respectful, presentable, self-supporting – and that you can still drive at night – I’ll paraphrase a line from “Sleepless in Seattle” and say, basically, that the available women will throw a parade for you. You just have to locate the best parade route.

You may have spent the last four years in a fairly solitary state (understandable, given a global pandemic and the loss of your wife). If so, you might do best to view this as an effort to meet and make new friends (rather than to find women to date).


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