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Ask Amy: Elder man wants to shelve wife for younger model

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Should I reach out to any of the descendants and offer the information I have about the circumstances of their ancestor's death?

What if this girl wasn't his only victim?

What purpose would it serve?

If I should initiate contact and offer information, how far removed from this man should I reach out? His children? Grandchildren? In-laws or nieces and nephews?

– Holder of Secrets

Dear Holder: This is extremely upsetting and challenging knowledge to possess. However, in my view you should focus solely on the impact of this episode on your grandmother’s life and relationships.

Reaching out to strangers with a very removed hearsay report which you cannot verify lands a bombshell into another family. If you cannot answer the question, “What purpose would it serve?” then you should not do it.

Dear Amy: Like many other readers, I am alarmed by the choice of some parents to allow their teenagers to drink alcohol at home.


In my opinion, anyone witnessing or being aware of this should call the police. It’s illegal!

– Disgusted

Dear Disgusted: In many states, it is legal for parents to allow their underage children to drink alcohol at home.

In my opinion, parents should not allow any behavior at home which is illegal outside of the home.


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