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Ask Amy: Elder man wants to shelve wife for younger model

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Questions to ask yourself: Has “Annie” asked you for money? Have you provided any credit card or banking information to her? Have you sent gifts to her, ordered things for her, or shared any online accounts with her?

Have you video chatted with this person and verified her identity?

Have you checked out all social media accounts attached to her name and identity?

Because romance scammers often use phony photos to mask their real identity, I am urging you to be extremely cautious regarding this relationship. If you have not verified her identity, Annie might in fact be “Ernie.” offers information and resources to recognize different ways that scammers work to ensnare people. Do a search on the site for “romance scams” in order to learn more.

Dear Amy: My grandmother kept a journal of her childhood memories, which she left to me after she died.


One of her memories is about her childhood friend, “Clara.”

My grandmother wrote about how Clara’s uncle sexually abused them.

She also writes that Clara died from complications of a "backstreet abortion" when she was a teenager, and that Clara’s uncle was the culprit.

She wrote enough detail that I can locate Clara’s family.


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