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Ask Amy: Biological connection reveals famous sibling

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am a 68-year-old professional woman with advanced degrees.

I have a very successful career, a loving husband, and great family and friends.

I was adopted at birth by my biological mother’s older sister and her husband. My parents gave me an amazing life full of love and opportunities.

I grew up knowing my biological mom, and spent some time with her over the years.

Once as a teenager, she asked me if I wanted to meet my biological father and I refused. In retrospect I probably thought it would be an insult to the wonderful father who raised me.

My biological mom died young, and now my parents are also gone.


I found out recently from my mother’s only living sister that my biological father was also the father of a very famous entertainer (still alive).

Apparently, my biological mother had an affair with this married man and fled back home to have the baby and willingly gave me up to her married and stable older sister.

Again, my life is great, and I don’t want or need anything from this estranged “brother” – except maybe recognition.

I grew up as an only child.


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