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Ask Amy: Details emerge after soul mate’s death

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Dear Reluctant: You don’t mention how your wife feels about the prospect of you missing this trip. Given your many reasons for not going and the crafty way you are setting yourself up for having – and possibly giving others – a terrible time, she might be relieved by the prospect of you staying home.

However – this is your stepson. One way to be part of a happy-ish blended family is to be a good sport and occasionally do things you don’t want to do.

But if you can’t have a good time in Paris, even in March, then you don’t really deserve to go.

Dear Amy: Wow – that question from the “Momzilla” signed “MOB” really got to me.

It sounded as if this MOB had conditioned her daughter to be with a controlling person. Now that the daughter was about to marry someone as controlling as her mother is, it was a huge problem.

– Upset


Dear Upset: Your insight is spot-on. I completely agree.


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