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Ask Amy: Details emerge after soul mate’s death

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Keep busy tying up the loose ends of this loss, find housing if you need to, and re-establish yourself with friends and family.

Understand that if you are stuck in “anger,” it will affect your life and future relationships.

Writing down a daily account of your progress and attending a grief group or individual counseling will help.

Dear Amy: My stepson and his spouse were engaged in Paris.

They intend to go to Paris in March to celebrate their fifth anniversary, and have invited both sets of parents to join them there.

My wife wants to go. I don’t.


Primary reasons I don’t want to go are: 1) we don’t drink, the others do; 2) our interests don’t coincide (for example, they want to tour wineries); 3) the other parents are considerably more “free spending” than we are; 4) the weather in Paris in March is iffy at best; and 5) our financial resources are not unlimited, and my selfish self would prefer spending our travel monies on something different.

Am I rationalizing, being a spoiled sport, and if I suggest that my spouse should go without me, am I being rude?

I certainly don’t want to create problems, but I am not remotely interested in going. Suggestions?

– Reluctant


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