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Ask Amy: New neighbors endanger their children

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You could have put your own shirt over her and comforted and calmed her down on the sidewalk while waiting for the police to arrive. This is an extremely frightening situation for a vulnerable child.

Under these circumstances, it’s a tough judgment call for you to bring the child back into a house where you’ve never been and where you don’t know what you’ll encounter.

Having encountered this horror show, you did your best to be kind, calm, and helpful. A true good Samaritan.

Now that you’ve seen the inside of this household, you should immediately call your local Department of Child Services, describe the incident, the household, and other frightening things you’ve witnessed.

These children need immediate protection, and their parents should face legal consequences for their criminal neglect.

Dear Amy: The letters you get about weddings sometimes amaze me, and also make me laugh.


I am invited to a wedding this month.

The wedding is being held in the couple’s backyard, and the invitation says “Formal,” so I’m assuming everyone will be dressed up.

The guests will be seated on hay bales covered with a white cloth.

When I questioned this, I was told, “Oh, hay bales are the latest thing for weddings.”


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