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Ask Amy: New neighbors endanger their children

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I have serious concerns about new neighbors, who moved in about a year ago. They have two young daughters.

I suspect the mother is an alcoholic. Her actions are putting the girls in danger.

On several occasions I and other neighbors have seen her drive erratically down our street, once with a little girl on her lap holding the steering wheel.

Another time she had left the house and was chugging a bottle of wine outside. She was yelling about how she was free because the girls were alone inside: “Hooray, I’m free…!”

The latest issue was most frightening.

I was walking my dog and one of the little girls was naked and standing in the street.


She was crying, saying that she could not find her mommy.

I took her to her house and searched the home for the mother.

The house was filthy and looked like it had been ransacked. There were no bed sheets on the beds and the kitchen was trashed.

I was scared that something had happened.


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