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Ask Amy: Wedding funds hinge on hair color

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Dear Exhausted: Your question is one of dozens I’ve received over the past few weeks, all on the same theme: How to pull the plug on holiday hosting.

Please – be completely frank with this couple. Tell them you’d like to cook and host dinner, and suggest a nearby place to stay so you can still spend time with them without hosting them at your house.

Offer to show your daughter-in-law your turkey technique.

And now, a public service announcement to families: Review your holiday habits. Ask your aging or elderly parents and family members if the regular holiday routine works for them. And – please – give them a break.

Dear Amy: Although it is hopefully obvious to adults, you might have reminded "Teen With No Experience" that by postponing sex, she does not have to worry about pregnancy, STDs, emotional turmoil, etc.

– RJ


Dear RJ: Chastity does postpone (but does not always avoid) the stress and turmoil that inevitably follows.


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