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Ask Amy: Widowed man smothered by new love

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You know that Maria will be hurt, but I suggest that what you’re really worried about is the intense discomfort you will feel because of her behavior.

She is capitalizing on your fear when she lures you back.

You should be both clear and calm. Tell her that you have decided to be single again and that you will not be seeing her. Stay focused, firm, polite and kind.

Dear Amy: I’m reflecting on our society’s increasing slide toward the dogs.

It seems that people are bringing their dogs everywhere and that they often assume their dogs are welcome to come along to dinner parties, etc.

I’m wondering what can be done about this?


– Doggone

Dear Doggone: I agree with you about this trend. If you don’t want to share space with dogs, you should not patronize businesses that welcome them.

And for those who don’t want dogs in their homes, it is vital that hosts make it extremely clear that guests should leave their dogs at home.

Dear Amy: “Had It” expressed her frustration that her new husband let her adult stepchildren dominate their relationship.


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