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Ask Amy: Widowed man smothered by new love

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I enjoy her very much when I'm with her, but I don’t really miss her when we're apart.

I also think at times, how can I give up a love this deep and pure?

I was with my wife for 51 years and I'm afraid I have no real experience in these matters.

Your advice?

– Still Looking

Dear Still Looking: You need to back slowly away from this relationship (the way you would after encountering a bear in the woods).


And then turn around and run.

If you don’t feel that special “click” with “Maria,” and want to pursue other relationships, then you need to break up with her. For real.

Maria is grasping a number of red flags and waving them at you.

This is not a deep and pure love – this is clutching and smothering.


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