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Ask Amy: Parents hesitate being awkward with sons

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My wife and I bought a condo in downtown Chicago a couple of years ago. We are often not there and have offered its use to friends and family. Our only request is that guests leave the condo tidy when they depart. This includes washing the sheets for the beds they’ve used and remaking the beds.

We have a washer/dryer in the unit, but my sister does not like doing this, so she brings a single twin sized flat sheet and a pillowcase with her when she visits.

She puts the sheet on top of the flat sheet on the king-sized bed.

She then uses the blanket and the cover that we have on the bed.

She believes this is sufficient and that she does not need to wash the sheets on the bed she has slept on.

My wife and I don’t think my sister’s solution is appropriate and are considering telling her that if she is not willing to follow our rules, she is not welcome to use our condo.


What do you think?

– House Proud

Dear House Proud: I once had a well-traveled (invited) houseguest bring two sheets and a pillowcase, which she simply slipped over the linens that were on the bed. She then removed her sheets and remade the bed at the end of her stay. I think that’s a great hack.

But your sister doesn’t bring two sheets. Furthermore, she’s your sister, staying presumably at her own convenience (not as the result of an invitation), and you and your wife have made your house rules extremely clear and easy to follow.


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