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Ask Amy: Friend plans to lose her home, gain an RV

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Concerned Mother

Dear Concerned: You ask if there is any way to bring up this subject kindly, and yet – you have brought this up, kindly and repeatedly.

“Is it your thyroid?” She had it tested. “Can I pay for a weight loss program?” No thank you.

She already knows she is overweight. There is literally no escaping this knowledge.

And now … you should stop. Just – stop. Love her wholeheartedly and without judgment, just as she is.

Dear Amy: “Concerned Grandma” has her knickers in a twist about her daughter letting the teen grandson drink at home.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with parents allowing this. It’s their house, their kid, and you and the other grandmas should stay out of it.


– Bud Out

Dear Bud Out: I do agree that the grandmother should not intervene, but with a history of alcoholism in their family, I also understand her concern.


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