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Ask Amy: Friend plans to lose her home, gain an RV

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My BFF and I met in grade school.

We’ve lost touch on and off, but we always find our way back, usually when she’s losing a relationship.

The last loss was two Christmases ago, when after 10 years together her partner “Benny” called her at work, telling her: “This isn’t working anymore, I’m moving out today.”

It was rough. She had custody of her toddler grandson who she thought Benny would help her to raise.

I was there for her. She got therapy and started choosing to focus on herself, versus always needing to be with a guy.

Six months later, she met “Chris” on a dating website.


He was one of five or six guys she was seeing.

After four months, she decided she really liked him, and they became exclusive.

I’ve seen her four times since then. Now I’m lucky if I talk to her once a month.

Her birthday is coming up, so we caught up.


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