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Ask Amy: Momzilla threatens to stomp on wedding

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Must I become Momzilla, Destroyer of Weddings, or is there a way to move forward with concessions and compromises on both sides?

What if she decides to leave him in charge? Would it reflect anything of our family?

More worrisome, if this an example of decision-making between them, should I recommend pre-marriage counseling?


Dear MOB: I agree with you that there is trouble on the horizon, and because you are the person who has presented a laundry list of problems, I’d start with you.

You dangle the threat of becoming a Momzilla, Destroyer of Weddings, but I’d say you are already stomping over this celebration, spewing your mighty tongues of fire.


Planning a wedding is a primary step in planning a life together.

Lay off. Let the marrying couple plan the wedding they want to have, wherever they want to have it and however they want to have it. If you don’t want to pay for what they’ve planned, then don’t. (Financing the wedding should be their responsibility.)

If you’d like to host and pay for a reception in your Western hometown afterward, you can plan it, choose the champagne and flowers, and have it reflect your family’s preferences and taste.

Yes, the bride’s mother is often extremely invested in how her daughter will tie the knot, but you might have to consider this episode as practice for you to learn how to accept choices that you don’t like, including the possibility that your daughter is letting her fiancé dominate the proceedings.


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