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Ask Amy: Guilt follows in wake of estrangement

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

While chatting with some of his other classmates I was informed that there would be no alcohol being served. The hosts did have water and soft drinks.

Should I have asked for my wine back?

If they don't drink alcohol, what happened to my wine?

I'm being petty, but I am a …

– Vino Lover

Dear Vino: You are being petty. Surely you aren’t really wondering if you should have asked this host to de-gift this bottle of wine and hand it back to you.


You don’t know whether these hosts drink alcohol. You only know that they chose not to serve alcohol for this event.

What happens to this bottle next is very much up to them. If you invite them to dinner, you might see it returned to you as a host-gift.

Dear Amy: Thank you for your wise response to “Teen With No Experience,” who was worried that she didn’t have any sexual experience, yet.

I appreciated you pointing out that roughly half of teens report having sex, while the other half do not!


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