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Ask Amy: Nature lover seeks noise cancellation

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My grandfather was estranged from his family.

My mother was estranged from me, her only child. And now it has hit my children.

None of it is my choice, but those estranged shall not be rewarded.

– My Last Will

Dear My Last Will: “Estrangement is a disease in my family.”

What a tragic occurrence.


I’m going to assume that there is no one cause for this generational estrangement, but more that cutting others off is your family’s way of coping with intense emotions.

You were estranged from your mother, and so your children didn’t witness a parent and child coping with the ups and downs of a relationship, resolving conflict, and forgiving one another.

Your attempt to resolve this by trying to control your children via your will seems like a superficial fix to a deep problem. A therapist might help you to find other ways to undo your legacy of estrangement.

Dear Amy: Like others, I want to disagree with your answer to “A Lying Waiter,” the guy who said they only served decaf coffee at the restaurant, regardless of what people ordered.


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