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Ask Amy: Nonprofit volunteer worries about future

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I am seeing absolute red at your disrespect for people with disabilities.

– Seeing Red

Dear Seeing Red: A handful of readers contacted me, very upset by this phrasing.

I thought it was obvious through the context of my response that this was a sardonic comment. My intent was the absolute opposite of how some readers took it, and I apologize.

Here is the complete phrase I used, as a way to illustrate that destination weddings are exclusionary: “Marrying couples are using the expense and distance as a way to make sure that they won’t have to deal with Aunt Gladys and her pickleball obsession, Cousin Steve who is just out of rehab, or Grandma Jane and her pesky need to use a walker. Overall, this trend reflects a changing attitude toward weddings — that they are not sacred celebrations bringing two families together, but photo-ops with spectacular backdrops.”



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