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Ask Amy: Nonprofit volunteer worries about future

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

The owner of the house graciously reduced the price to that for three couples and refunded the difference (less than one-fourth of the total cost).

This left the Covid Couple subsidizing the other three couples by a total of $600.

Some people believe that those who traveled should equally reimburse the Covid Couple (who received $0 value) the $600, leaving the travelers to pay the cost of the house.

Some think the Covid Couple is out of luck since they canceled late, even though the owner reduced the total price.

The money is not enough to change any of these couples’ lives in any way – that’s not the issue. (There was no travel insurance involved.)



– Curious

Dear Curious: I agree that the Covid Couple is out of luck – much as they would be if one had broken an ankle and couldn’t travel.

However – friends stay friends by picking up the pieces when tough things happen, and if it wouldn’t break the bank for each traveling couple to reimburse the Covid Couple $200, then that’s what they should do.

Dear Amy: I was extremely upset to read your response to “Disgruntled Guest” about a destination wedding. You noted that destination weddings prevent couples from having to invite “Grandma Jane and her pesky need to use a walker.”


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