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Ask Amy: Family reunion presents concerns for a trans youth

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Every year my extended family meets for a summer reunion.

Two of us are gay.

Starting when he was quite young, we assumed that my nephew was also gay.

No one talked about it, it was just assumed he'd figure it out and it wouldn't be a big deal.

Two years ago, when he was16, he started growing and dyeing his hair and wearing nail polish, but still referred to himself as a “he.” We assumed he was either doing the teenager thing or was about to tell us he was gay.

Well, we were wrong. He's not heterosexual (no shock) but has decided he's trans and now goes by the gender-neutral name “Ash.”


Now Ash is making baby steps into the world as a trans person.

To say my family is less than supportive is an understatement.

Gay they're OK with, but I guess trans is a bridge too far (this includes Ash's parents).

Our annual get together is coming up and my plan is to wait and see how Ash refers to themself and take it from there.


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