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Ask Amy: Broadway musical trip has second act problems

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Unironic in IL

Dear Unironic: It’s a shame you can’t attend these movie events, even ironically, because a sense of irony (or of seeing the humor) can be extremely helpful – especially when listening to others gasbag on about a terrible movie.

I wonder, also, if these friends might be interested in viewing a movie of your choosing?

Overall, if you don’t want to attend a gathering – for any reason – then don’t attend. Your best strategy is to learn to tolerate others’ disappointment if you choose not to attend a gathering where you will be uncomfortable.

Your friends and family are trying to include you, and even when declining – you should thank them for the invitation.

Dear Amy: I am flabbergasted by the letter from "Disturbed” telling us about the wedding invitation she received that was asking for donations toward the honeymoon destination, the wedding cake, etc.

I hope most potential newlyweds would understand how off-putting it actually is.

I had a beautiful wedding and requested nothing from my guests, except their treasured attendance!


– Put Off

Dear Put Off: Marrying couples may have misunderstood my off-repeated advice that they need to finance their own weddings.

(I never intended that their guests should pay.)


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