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Ask Amy: Broadway musical trip has second act problems

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Broadway: Younger couples sometimes feel the need to do every single thing together (more seasoned couples offer one another more latitude), and I have a theory that “Annie’s” husband might have wheeled his way in, just as she was perusing the online theater seating chart for her ticket.

But even if Annie felt danced into a corner, she absolutely should have run this change past you before committing.

You fear that your friend’s choice has transformed your fun two-person Broadway weekend into a production of Sartre’s famous three-character play “No Exit” (“Hell is other people…”), but I hope you will take this as a valuable lesson to always communicate and clarify. (Trust me, this lesson is worth the price of a Broadway ticket.)

Tell her now, “I’m frustrated. I thought this was a two-person weekend. I like your husband, but now I feel like a third wheel. I really wish you had discussed this with me beforehand. Also, unfortunately there is no way my friend can squeeze in three extra people, so can you two find a place to stay?”

After telling her this, I hope you will simply will yourself into having a fun time in New York. If you let this frustration defeat you, the weekend really will have been a waste.

Dear Amy: Should I decline opportunities to see friends or family if it is to attend an unpleasant activity?


My friends love watching painfully terrible movies and discussing the plot and production in excruciating detail.

And my family is upset that I don’t want to attend sporting events that I no longer enjoy due to my poor vision, auditory sensitivities, and overall lack of interest.

I just want to enjoy their company without these dreadful background distractions that are not in my wheelhouse, and they show disappointment when I decline or offer a quieter alternative.

I’ve tried to make the best of it, but I can’t even attend ironically.


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