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Ask Amy: Nurse pours salt into post-pandemic problems

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: It might be my profession that makes me a little salty, but I'm hoping that you can reframe or share some thoughts on this irritation.

When the pandemic started, everyone was sent to work from home.

All most people could do was complain about how difficult this was. Being a nurse and manager of a medical unit, I obviously did not get to work from home. Nor did I have any "boring" days like so many people complained about.

Now, three years later, many people have settled into working from home and love it.

Now they’re complaining about having to go into an office a few times a month.

Speaking on behalf of most of us in healthcare (and any service industry), I really wish people could appreciate their situation.


Making every work setting or situation into a complaint is obnoxious for those of us who do not have these luxurious options.

Your take?

– Salty Nurse

Dear Salty: I want to thank you for your service, and also for the invitation to ponder and potentially reframe a category of human inquiry that we should be grateful exists at all: Post-pandemic Problems.


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